Capillary Blood Collection System EDTA-K2

In vitro Diagnostic Medical Device for capillary blood collection with anticoagulant, prepared sample container with end-to-end plastic capillary for the collection, storage and dispensing of blood samples from the human body for subsequent in vitro diagnostic hematological analyses

Capillary Blood Collection System EDTA-K2

  • Container with click-clack mechanism
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Capillary volumeSystemPreparation with anticoagulant for haematological testingColour codePackaging pcs.REF
~100 μlClick-ClackEDTA-K2red (EU colour code)50671005Select
~100 μlClick-ClackEDTA-K2lilac (ISO colour code)50681005Select
~200 μlClick-ClackEDTA-K2red (EU colour code)50672005Select
~200 μlClick-ClackEDTA-K2lilac (ISO colour code)50682005Select
~250 μlClick-ClackEDTA-K2lilac (ISO colour code)50682505Select

The ideal combination of controlled blood collection and diagnosis-specific sample container

Exact measurement of the required amount of blood via integrated end-to-end plastic capillary

Blood sample stabilisation using anticoagulant-treated sample container and end-to-end plastic capillaries

Reduction of the infection risk thanks to unbreakable plastic capillaries

Avoid sample loss or contamination due to the combination of the end-to-end plastic capillary and sample container

Clear marking of expiry date and production batch on each sample container

Optimal collection of small blood samples by the shape of the sample container

High level of connectivity by the outer shape of the sample container

Easy sample processing without opening the sample container due to special cap design

Suitable for sample preparation in haematological and diagnostic procedures

Safe handling before and after sample collection by optimized closure mechanism

Stop unwanted blood loss from the container by click-clack mechanism

Optimized sample use via application-specific coating of the interior container surface

Available in colour coding in accordance with EN 14820 and DIN ISO 6710

Additional Information

Additional information

Capillary volume

~100 μl, ~200 μl, ~250 μl





Colour coding

red (EU colour code), lilac (ISO colour code)

Packaging pcs.


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