Plastic Capillaries end-to-end EDTA

In vitro Diagnostic Medical Device for capillary blood collection with anticoagulant, Sample container for the collection and dispensing of blood samples from the human body for subsequent in vitro diagnostic hematological analyses

Plastic Capillaries end-to-end EDTA

  • Anticoagulant EDTA
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DescriptionCapillary volumeColour codingLengthPackaging pcs.REFCV
End-to-end plastic capillaries20 μlblack~30 mm10 x 100100120<1%Select
Plastic capillaries KBS80 μlnone~44,50 mm10 x 100108080-Select

Protection of the user and patient by the use of unbreakable, chemically neutral plastic material

Optimized blood flow and capillary filling due to the evenly applied anticoagulant coating

The measurement actuary of the plastic capillaries end-to-end has a coefficient of variation (CV)

Capillary volume identification via clear colour coding of the dispenser box

Additional Information

Additional information


End-to-end plastic capillaries, Plastic capillaries KBS

Capillary volume

20 μl, 80 μl

Colour coding

black, none


~30 mm, ~44,50 mm

Packaging pcs.

10 x 100, 10 x 100 in PE bag


less than 1 percent, unavailable

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